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Endless play fun

The different shapes, colors and various expansion sets inspire endless exploration and construction. Let your imagination be further stimulated by the examples below.

Stimulates creativity

Free play / open ended

Grows with the child

Coblo Brothers™

Have you heard of the Coblo Brothers? This dynamic duo invents a new challenge every month where two candidates compete against each other to build the fastest, biggest or most impressive. Get inspired by them and take the challenge too.

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Coblo is open ended play with no set rules or real goal. Anything goes and there is no right or wrong. Children get enormously creative from this which makes for endless fun and surprising ideas.

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To make creativity and possibilities even richer for children, Coblo also has a marble track in its range. Children can create a different variant of marble track each time and these sets are fun to combine with the basic sets.

Inspiration marble track?

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Besides being a lot of fun, Coblo is also an educational toy. Because of the different shapes and colors, the magnetic tiles can be used very well for different learning tasks. Coblo has developed different assignment cards for this purpose, as well as the special toppers range of numbers and letters.

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