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Coblo Toppers

With Coblo you bring Magnetic Magic into your home! Discover our extensive range here, because in addition to the basic sets we also have marble tracks, special products for school and various extensions

The Coblo toppers easily click themselves onto the tiles. This turns the Coblo tiles into a freeway, teaching them their first words, playing scrabble or learning math. 


Coblo toppers

Complete your Coblo assortment with these cool toppers and make playing with Coblo even more fun and versatile. Playfully learn a new word every day or play scrabble with the letters. Learn the numbers or do difficult sums with the number toppers. And with the road toppers children make their own freeway, a different course every time.

Magnetic toys

Coblo introduces a range of toppers to make playing with Coblo even richer! Thanks to the black layer on the bottom (with magnetic particles), the toppers magnetize to tiles. Children easily click the toppers on themselves and they stick well. Even if you build the tiles into the air. At a young age, this allows children to playfully learn letters or numbers. As they get older, they can make difficult words or sums or a car track which becomes increasingly complex. This provides unlimited fun.

open ended play

Coblo encourages free play. It allows children to build their own world with their imagination and creativity. open ended play stimulates their imagination, which benefits their development. Whether they choose a small freeway or an extensive one with speed bumps, curves and traffic circles that takes off into the sky, they will continue to amaze themselves and others. This promotes not only their creativity, but also their self-confidence. 

Coblo lets children be children as long as possible and develop them playfully through the character of open ended play.

Educational toys

With the introduction of the toppers, Coblo is focusing even more on educational toys. Educational toys that introduce children in a fun way to educational topics such as learning letters and words, but also the stimulation of creativity. With their own creativity and imagination, they build a beautiful highway, or form words with the letters, each time different. In this way they learn through play, but also develop their motor skills and perseverance. 

The important thing about toys is that children can hold them well, which helps develop motor skills. This is certainly the case with Coblo! The fine size of the parts makes it a toy that is child-friendly.


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