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Coblo Extensions

With Coblo you bring Magnetic Magic into your home! Discover our extensive range here, because in addition to the basic sets we also have marble tracks, special products for school and various extensions

To stimulate children's creativity even more, several extensions are available. For even more playtime fun!


Coblo Extensions 

Coblo has several extensions to make playing with Coblo even richer. This includes magnetic mini figures that allow children to develop their own role-playing games. This enriches their imagination and ensures that children have hours of fun. There are also car bases available, which allow children to build different variations of cars in combination with the Coblo Classic or Pastel. The different extensions provide even more playtime fun!  

magnetic toys

Coblo brings the magic into the home! The magnetic tiles and extensions create a magical attraction for children. There are also magnets in the expansions, allowing children to easily combine them with the other Coblo sets. For example, children create a different car each time with the bases and a different role-play with the mini figures. And the older the child gets, the richer the fantasy, nothing is too crazy! This ensures endless playtime fun. 

open ended play

open ended play, that is what children want! To build their own world with their own imagination, expressing their creativity and imagination. With Coblo, this becomes a reality! open ended play Coblo stimulates the creativity and imagination of children, which is good for their development. Children thus decide for themselves what they will build, without being predetermined. This ensures not only that they surprise others with the beautiful constructions, but also themselves! This provides extra fun, creativity and also self-confidence. 

Coblo lets children be children as long as possible and develop them playfully through the character of open ended play.

Montessori toys

Coblo also falls under the category of "montessori toys. Montessori toys are toys that encourage children to learn and try out new things by themselves. With their own creativity and imagination they create the cutest Coblo car or fantasy world, developing their motor skills and creativity through play. 

The important thing with montessori toys is that children can hold the toys well, which helps develop motor skills. This is certainly the case with Coblo! The fine size of the different parts makes it a montessori toy that is child-friendly.


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