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Coblo for schools

With Coblo you bring Magnetic Magic into your home! Discover our extensive range here, because in addition to the basic sets we also have marble tracks, special products for school and various extensions

In collaboration with some elementary school teachers, the school boxes, assignment cards and toppers were developed. 


Coblo for school 

In cooperation with some elementary school teachers, Coblo school boxes have been developed. Coblo is hereby contained in a special school box and each box contains a set of assignment cards.

Coblo: Educational toys for schools

Coblo, in close cooperation with several elementary school teachers, has created unique school boxes. These are specially designed to provide schools with educational and at the same time fun toys. In every school box, in addition to the magnetic toys, you will also find a set of 14 assignment cards, which together contain 74 educational assignments. With these, children are playfully introduced to themes such as colors, shapes, numbers, letters and more. The best part? They often don't even notice that they are actually learning, so their development takes place on a deeper level.

Magnetic toys

Coblo is magnetic toys that bring magic into the classroom! The tiles, equipped with magnets, attract children like a magnet and effortlessly click together. This allows Coblo to be used not only with the assignment cards, but also as a free construction toy for children. From an early age, they can independently create various 2D and 3D structures. And as they get older, their creations only become more impressive. This results in unlimited building fun and lots of laughter when they topple their structures and start all over again. 

open ended play

This free play is also called open ended play. Using your own imagination to build your own world and thus express creativity and imagination. With Coblo, this is achieved! open ended play stimulates children's creativity and imagination which is good for their development. Children thus decide for themselves what they will build, without being predetermined. This ensures not only that they surprise others with the beautiful constructions, but also themselves! This provides extra fun, creativity and also self-confidence. 

In this way, Coblo is multi-purpose with both assignment cards and free play. With both ways, children develop playfully. 

Montessori toys

Coblo also falls under the category of "montessori toys. Montessori toys are toys that encourage children to learn and try out new things on their own with their own creativity. When children are small they start with color sorting and when they get older they build creative objects but also, for example, patterns with the Coblo tiles. For each age Coblo offers a different challenge and in this way Coblo grows with the child's development.

The important thing with montessori toys is that children can hold the toys well, which helps develop motor skills. This is certainly the case with Coblo! The fine size of the tiles and the grip created by the star on the stone makes it a montessori toy that is child-friendly.

Fun and educational toys for the classroom! 


Assignment cards and inspiration booklet

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