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In collaboration with some elementary school teachers, the Coblo toppers and educational assignment cards were developed to develop children in a fun and inspiring way in letters, numbers, colors, shapes and more. When children can explore and learn through play, development is faster and deeper. The natural developmental power of children is enormous.

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Make playing with Coblo even more fun and educational with the magnetic Coblo toppers. Children easily click the letter and number toppers themselves onto the Coblo tiles and in this way can playfully learn arithmetic, learning their first words, the alphabet, counting and much more. The magnetic toppers have the size of a Coblo brick and because of the black layer on the bottom (with magnetic particles) they 'stick' to the Coblo tiles.

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The different shapes and colors of the Coblo tiles ensure that the magnetic tiles can be used for many different learning objectives. In collaboration with some teachers, the educational assignment cards were developed in the areas of colors, shapes, patterns, letters, sums and more. The assignment cards can be downloaded here. If you prefer to receive the complete set in card form, you can also order them in our shop.


There are three primary colors; red, blue and yellow that you can mix to arrive at the other colors. Using the Coblo tiles you can explain this very well. Put a red stone on a blue one and hold it up to the light. You will see purple appear.



Puzzling develops fine motor skills. They have to pick up the tiles and put it in the right place, developing their motor skills as well as training hand-eye coordination. In addition, they learn new objects



Preschoolers begin learning letters and then learn to read words and simple sentences. By imitating the letters with Coblo tiles , the child is very active with the letter. As a result, the child learns the letters easier and will remember them better.



Knowing the numbers and learning to count is an important foundation for learning math. With rebuilding the numbers, children learn the numbers in a fun way. In addition, they can count the number of dots belonging to the number.


Basic forms

With the basic shapes, children learn to use math language. Using the Coblo tiles , children can recreate the basic shapes, compare them and learn that you can make a different shape from different tiles .



Preschoolers can learn a lot by imitating patterns in the right colors. This requires them to count, compare, recognize colors and measure.


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Coblo is a real asset for education and child care. The many lesson cards and additional letter and number toppers add real value to the wonderful material. Provides endless playtime fun.

Sander from the matrix school

From the day I brought these colorful magnetic tiles to school, they have been a favorite in my classroom. Almost daily, the tiles are chosen on the dial board. And because of the clickable numbers and letters, we put the toy to use even more often. Coblo makes learning fun for kids!

Miss Ester from the Bosberg School

From the first moment, the children played with it fanatically. This open-ended toy is good for cognitive ability, it stimulates children's imagination and creativity. Very happy with it.

Guest parent Margot of JippieJee

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